Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hot Off The Press Finish!

Can you feel the steam radiating out of your computer screen? When I say that this quilt top is literally hot off the press, I really am not exaggerating! I had planned to have this top finished early in the week, but a weekend cold that just doesn't want to leave has been tagging along way longer than is should have!

I decided to add two more reverse applique leaf sets, which was a nice on-the-couch-with-a-cold project. It felt like it added more interest and a certain balance to the quilt. 

I really dug deep into my scrap bins on this quilt and essentially let my scraps dictate the layout of this quilt. It was a challenge working with so many different sizes and shapes, but also a welcome change that I didn't really have to worry about matching seams.

Now that the challenge of the random and unbalanced piecing is behind me, I'm ready for the next biggie...  I'm planning to do a little FMQ on this!?! I've really only done FMQ on smaller projects and haven't really tackled a quilt, but since this is a relatively small, I thought it would be the best project to get a little practice on.

So essentially I have until Sunday to have this quilted and bound because only finished projects qualify for the Woodland QAL. I generally don't like to take on quilting projects when there is a pressing deadline. Sometimes I find that if I work on a project where my brain is on another project, it robs me of the creative freedom and inspiration to make it exactly how I was inspired.

What about you... do you find that your creativity is surpressed by short deadline on a quilting project?

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  1. This is so cute! I love love love the little bunny!

  2. This quilt top turned out great! The extra leaves were worth the downtime over the weekend. All the best in the FMQ arena, and getting her done!

  3. So this turned out amazing! I can't wait for the quilting! I really love the mushrooms, all of it really. The reverse applique vines were the perfect touch to finish it off. I've been wanting to try reverse applique, one day I hope to!

  4. Very pretty! That silly bunny wandered away from his mushroom. ;) Can't wait to see how you quilt it! Hope you're feeling better!

  5. The colors in this are lovely~such a great design. Wow!

  6. This turned out really really well!! (and bigger than I would have expected - but then we are talking about an Allison quilt ;-) The leaves are a really nice addition and I love how you kept the bunny and it's matching(ish) toadstool separate.
    Looking forward to your finish ~ Tracy

  7. Wow, to me this just looks like the perfect layout for your blocks, including adding three leaf sets. Isn't it fun that it's often the odd- numbered blocks that help make it more pleasing :)

  8. Looks fabulous, those leaves are the perfect finishing touch. Hope you are feeling better now.


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