Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jeweled Kaleidoscope Color Options Part I

Next Wednesday, October 12th, is the official launch of my Jeweled Kaleidoscope pattern and I couldn't be more excited! Over the next weeks I wanted to share with you various projects and color options for using this pattern. Last week I shared the mini version without the center appliques, and it's amazing how a pattern changes with mere color changes. It has been helpful for me to shuffle colors around, and for comparison, first here is original version in cool colors paired with a soothing grey.

Next I changed the outer fabrics to a dark grey, and used the same soft grey for the center circles. I love how this looks with the center circles taking the backstage, and the background becoming more dominant.

I've had my eye on the Handcrafted Patchwork batiks from Alison Glass for a while now, but since you can't buy every fabric that you drool over, it's nice to still play with them in EQ7. Here I changed the center fabrics to the light grey and stayed with a graduated color palette like I did for the optional version. hmmm... perhaps a future fabric splurge IS actually needed.

Again, the same fabrics, but with a darker contrast for the background.

I've only gotten started with color inspiration, so be sure to stop back by this and next week for more color options and layouts. Wanna see what my pattern testers are creating on Instagram? See them under the hashtag #jeweledkaleidoscopequilt.

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  1. I love this pattern Allison! I have seen both Julie's and Saija's versions and they are all striking!

  2. I keep on being amazed by all the possibilities of Jeweled Kaleidoscope. The medaillon pillow one of your testers made espescially took me by surprise. This pattern goes a long way!!

  3. I really like the gradiated colors with the light grey! Very pretty pattern!

  4. nicely done. great job!

  5. The quilts look Marvelous! I have made a similar block using paper piecing. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could buy all the fabrics we drool over?

  6. It's really cute, and I love it with the colors "hombred."

  7. All of your colour options are appealing and it's so hard to pick a favourite.... But I really love the dark grey background with the second layout, and how it shows off those beautiful blocks!

  8. I love this quilt design, and you're so right, it's amazing how simple colour/tonal change can creative a completely different effect!


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