Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Merry & Bright Pillow Finish

Searching through boxes and boxes of packed away things, it feels like I can only find about half of my Christmas decorations since our move. It's always a delight at the beginning of the season to pull out all those hand made pillows and other sewn things to adorn our living space. So needless to say, this pillow finish comes at the perfect time in the absence of my missing holiday decorations.

This project actually came to be because of a couple sick days on the couch. I already had it prepared for my Denmark trip, but without those "forced" days down, I'm not sure it I would have finished it this year. I decided that a radiating quilting design would highlight the wreath and draw focus to the center text.

Notice a trend with all my Essex linen pillows? (here, here, and here) It's actually THE perfect fabric to compliment those rich, deep, warm tones that match our living room so perfectly. 

Pattern: "Merry & Bright" by Minki Kim, as found in issue 40 of Love & Patchwork Quilting magazine.
Fabrics: Alison Glass, Carolyn Friedlander, Cotton & Steel, and various additional scraps. Essex Linen, espresso. Cori Dantin,i Seeds (backing)
Finished size: 20 x 20 in. (ca. 50 x 50 cm)
Quilting Thread: Aurifil thread Sand 2326 

So, now that this is checked off the list, it's on to a couple present making projects... and you?

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  1. This pillow is adorable! I get a very warm and cozy feeling looking at it! I'm not sure how I would handle only finding half my decorations! It was a big move...I hope it will be a merry holiday none the less!

  2. I love how bright and colorful this is. It's one of those Christmas things that you could really leave out all winter. I really think that linen for the background makes it.

  3. What a gorgeous finish! The fabrics you chose for the leaves and berries look great against the linen background and I love how you quilted it. Happy Holidays!

  4. It's lovely Allison, and you quilted it perfectly.

  5. Another beautiful finish. Love that red chair too - very sumptuous looking. Hope you find the rest of your Christmas goodies soon.

  6. Love the Essex linen! I have a big batch of the same on order and can't wait to start using it :)

  7. The quilting idea is brilliant. Looks good in your living room :)

    I am considering additional sewing gifts as an extra. So I am set either way – in case I finish them or not. Just a bit ago it felt like I still have a month, just figured it's only two weeks left... But you know me and last minute. Let's see how many I get finished :)

  8. That's too bad you can't find all your Christmas decorations. But good, too, because now you have this terrific new pillow. Love it!

  9. I love Essex linen too! Love the quilting it does as you say. Great result and thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! !


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