Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Applique Sampler Teaser

Are you ready for yet ANOTHER secret sewing project? Well, it would appear that I am. It all starts with that one little spark... you know, that spark that lights the first big idea, that leads to another, and then spreads like a wildfire until it is all consuming and cannot be stopped?

I've had it in my head for quite a while now to work on my own ALL applique pattern. I usually keep a few cluttered folders around with sketches and such when I work on a pattern. I don't always have an end result in mind at first, but the general direction is always clear. So, one little sketch turned to two, which turned into four, and by the time they had made it to six, they had made into EQ7 and you know what comes next... a few test blocks.

I suppose, I've been on such a roll with my Chuck Nohara blocks, that I'm starting to think in terms of "everything must be appliqued"... especially with starch. But one thing that I have to say about applique is that it generally tends towards traditional designs and is often pretty labor intensive. I realize that not everyone is a slow stitcher, or even a hand stitcher at all... including myself. I suppose that's what's been guiding this now third pattern in the works... a fresh and updated applique project with simple shapes that is still interesting enough for a seasoned hand stitcher without overwhelming the beginner appliquer by what feels like 1,000 tiny leaves in a single 8 inch block!

Sneaky peeks for now... geez, I've got two more patterns in the works that have to be knocked out soon... what are you working on?


  1. Goodness, Girl - you are just cranking things out!! Sneaky peeks are lovely! How many layers of freezer paper do you use? all of your applique pieces are soooo perfect

  2. Your applique work is so precise!! I love those close up sneak peek photos :)

  3. Those corners sure are nice and crisp! And the colors are beautiful, as usual. It will be exciting to see the whole project!

  4. A very intriguing sneak peak! Gosh, your work looks perfect!

  5. What I am working on? Staying calm and declutterin... lol... and a BIT of no-thinking sewing on my nonconformist quilt.

    I am curious about the real project behind the sneak peaks. Though we both no I would never attempt it :)

  6. As always your fabric choices are just right down my alley. Just so lovely.

  7. Well, you've definitely piqued my interest with the Chuck Nohara blocks and this sneak peek. I am new to applique but so far I'm enjoying it more than I thought. So will this sneak peek project eventually become a possible QAL?

    1. Hi Deanie, well, I hope you try the starch applique method - you will love it! Hmm... a QAL, that's an interesting thought. I suppose I will play it by ear and see what the response is. Thanks for the comment!


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