Thursday, August 3, 2017

#30daysoffabricstacks Take III

I'm still stackin' on the 30 Days of Fabric Stacks challenge from Stitched in Color, and I've been enjoying exploring various themes and colors that I might not have come to on my own. Missed my other stacks?... see what I've come up with so far here and here.

For the theme Scale I ended up thinking about a good bit before I pulled it together. I love big scale fabric, but they don't always translate into a good quilt when there are too many around, so that's why I wanted to use both large scale and small scale prints in this fabric pull.

You may recognize these fabric pull from an already existing project, but as I was making the pillow for my husband, I realized that I liked the pull so much that it might be fun to re-visit up close and personal. It's a little harder pull for me since I have so many florals and girly prints in my stash, but I think these fit the bill for the Masculine theme just fine.

I actually use a good bit of Aqua in my quilts, but they usually don't take center stage as in this stack. These soft shades are the perfect pair up with what else than... green!

I was really excited about the Novelty pull because it explores several of those just fun fabrics all at once. I like to add a subtle touch of whimsy here and there, but it's so much more fun when they all get together.

As much as I love pink, this one took me a while. First I started off with some light pinks, but shades in pink are just a various as shades of green. But true to my usual style, I love a yummy orange combo with pink... it kind of reminds me of strawberries and oranges - so refreshing!

The name my husband actually guessed this color palette was "happy clappy"... and I suppose that he is not too far off on this. While Clashy Bright is perhaps not a color palette that I might personally use, I appreciate the push outside the box.

Are you stacking along too? Any fabric challenges that have uncomfortably stretched you or you found to be a really big challenge?

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  1. I love "happy clappy" :)

    As usual fun to see your pulls.


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