Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Design Wall

Do you have a specific and defineable quilting style? Can people look at your work and identify a follow-the-thread color scheme? a design style? perhaps that certain something that makes it obvious who you are?... like a Tula Pink, Red Pepper Quilts, Bonnie and Camille, or a Carolyn Friedlander? I would say that each of these designers have a very distinct and easily identifiable style, and there's no questioning whose work it is.

Despite the fact that some of what I do could be picked out in a line up, it does feel like I am not particularly married to one specific style. My heart beats for color, which I assume is more than painfully obvious, but there is something about the traditional that beckons me to also put it on the center stage. My quilting wall this month pretty much sums up what I mean.

My Eads quilt and Summer Garden blocks could not be any more different than day and night, black and white, potato and potahto... well, you get my drift. I started the Eads quilt as my attempt to distance myself from the direction that I normally tend towards. I wanted to do a quilt without a light or low volume background. Somehow this modern and graphic quilt appeals to one side of me.

... the other side of me craves a solid never-let-your-fingers-be-idle project, but my Summer Garden is the slow growing kind. No hurries, and no worries. I've always been attracted to and fascinated by traditional applique quilts, so this seems to somehow fit me too.

I was able to add these three sweet blocks recently and it was the perfectly packed project for our quilting group this past Saturday.

Block #481

Block #487

Block #575

What you don't see on my design wall right now are the pattern writing and other secret sewing projects that I have in the works... all in good time, right?

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  1. Both of these are gorgeous! I am not generally drawn to traditional applique, but yours is so fresh, I might consider it (so long as, like you, I was doing the appliqueing on the machine. As much as I love hand work, I did not enjoy my tiny little hand-
    applique stint. although I did appreciate the invisibleness...)
    I don't think I have a style. not yet anyways. I'd say that's in large part due to the fact that most of my making is dictated by the recipient's wishes

  2. You know that I hate applique, but I always marvel at your tiny pieces. It would be interesting to count how many are in the finished quilt - later

  3. I'm like you. No one style but driven by love of colour.

  4. I love both sides of your design wall :) I haven't found my style yet ... but maybe that's because I'm still making quilts for others and so I'm thinking of them and their style? I wonder what kind of quilt I would make just for myself?

  5. These are both completely stunning quilts in their own rights! And I think there is something about how you use color which makes your style defined. Given a set of Eads quilts from different makers, I'm pretty sure it would be easy to tell which one you had done. (Kind of like how babies from different families all have a family resemblance, even when they look so different from one another. My nine children got so tired of hearing how they all looked like one another when they know they are one-of-a-kind. ;) )

  6. Both of the quilts are beautiful -- for me one of the main elements of your style is the confident use of color, whether with or without low volumes. I also like your use of traditional motifs with a modern twist, and this is the direction I want to take for upcoming quilts (after I get the ones in the pipeline finished).

  7. The bold, graphic style of the Eads calls me the loudest. That being said, your applique is quite modern, too, and I like it much more than the use of more traditional fabrics like reproductions or 30s prints. Looks like you're enjoying having a good mix of projects to choose from!

  8. Both sides of your design wall look amazing! I love the Chuck Nohara blocks you're making and I know, I would never do those... I'm not relaxed enough for those tiny handpiecing pieces... I think I don't really have developed my own style although some people say that they immediately can tell if something was made by me. But I still love to try new things and even different colors and I will definitely do so in the future. But from time to time there'll be a piece with rainbow colors and low volumes... :-)


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