Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"A" Is for Apple Finish

Wait for it... are you ready? Did you happen to notice the small, little quilt below? Believe it or not, it actually happens to be my smallest quilt to date!?!

Perhaps, a small quilt may not seem like a very big deal for you, but it kinda is for me. I'm a go big or go home kind of gal, and quilts are no exception. Time and time again, my quilts have grown bigger than expected, and I even have a few friends who tease me about it. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I don't want to make quilts that would leave my toes cold.

But, what this 46" inch long quilt lacks in size, it makes up for it in quilting... another to-date piece of info is that this is also my most densely quilted quilt. I ended up echoing many of the shapes, and did simple straight line quilting for the background, turning at unexpected angles for interest.

I opted for a simple black and white binding from Carolyn Friedlander. While I really loved the red and white fabric that was in the running, and it matched perfectly theme-wise. I usually tend towards a more subtle binding, or perhaps a binding that you don't really notice because I don't want to take away from the star of the show.

... and of course, that 30" basic grey grunge deliciousness takes the show.

Quilt: Pattern: "A" Is For Apple, self design
Started: May 2018
Fabrics: Basic Grey Grunge fabrics, Kona cotton white
Finished quilt size: ca. 42" x 46" in. (ca. 106  x 116 cm)

My first finish for the Q3 Finish-Along


  1. I love this quilt so much!! What a sweet happy apple
    The piecing placement and quilting is beautiful
    well done

  2. That is just fabulous - no surprise though. The colours you have used are fabulous. I still need to get myself some grunge fabrics. I also had to check out the artist that inspired this, after your first post about. Some very cool artwork.

  3. Wow! You did amazing quilting... Don't ever again tell me you are not creative in that department. xo

  4. Your apple is beautiful! Love the subtle details.:)

  5. Dear Allison,

    The size doesn't matter this time. The quilt is lovely and a star on it's own. You can make a wallhanging out of it, so your toes have to look for another quilt. I'm pretty sure they will find one.

    Best Mareike


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