Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Connecting It All

Do you sometimes struggle after you have all your quilt blocks finished to find a way to connect it all? Well, I have three projects in the works right now where that just happens to be the case. Sashing is the most obvious answer, and with good reason... it's simple and doesn't overwhelm a project. But then sometimes a project needs a little more than just simple.

I was over the moon excited when I stumbled on @janemichelquilts post and saw how she put her Brimfield blocks together. Just a step above simple, yet obvious enough to be annoyed with yourself that you didn't think of it first. 

It was pure brilliance to take the small houses block, add a simple center, and then it transitions into the perfect flower cornerstone!?! Once I figure out the exact direction of a project, it seems to push it along a little faster.

This is the third "green quilt" that I have in the making, and yet I would like each of them to have a different feel. For this quilt I've pulled in some patina green, and pale aquas, while my yellow stars applique quilt is more yellows and chartreuse green. But they are all planned for the same room, so there should be enough to still tie them to each other.

... but since I still have two other quilts to figure out how to connect, I would love to hear your favorite way to connect quilt blocks. Sashing, or something entirely different?


  1. I haven't tried too many outside of the box options. But I did recently add triangles to the corners of my sashings which created a star in each intersection. I like the way it turned out! Yours will be applique on I assume?

  2. Dear Allison, this quilt will be so phantasticly beautiful!!

    Greetings Christiane

  3. What a great idea! I looks amazing. Have fun :)

  4. All I can say is, “oh, wow!” This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!


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