Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Yellow Stars & Applique Blocks

Some of my bee members like to make fun of me that by the time I deicde on a quilt block, and make up a couple test blocks, that the quilt is almost finished. Well... not quite. Yes, I've made a good amount of progress on my yellow quilt, but am no where near being finished. My bee members will be pleased to know that I am stopping with stars now, and passing the torch for them to carry.

As I had mentioned last week, it is my intention is to keep the applique blocks fairly simple and not get slowed down by such labor intensive blocks... you just can't find any simpler applique shapes than stems, ovals, and orange peels. I've always been really drawn to crossing applique designs.

Here is another Chuck Nohara mix up... I used the stem template, but instead of the multi-pieced flower as in the original, I used simple leaves with a oval accent.

I love the curved crossing stems from this Chuck Nohara block... see if you can spot the original design from my summer garden blocks. No worries, I've not forgotten this project... it's coming back out for summer! It is my travel applique project, and I can't wait to work on it again.

What are you summer sewing plans? Take it with you applique? EPP? or lifting a cold drink as you relax in the garden?


  1. Allison wow!!! This is beautiful. Yes, it is always superb to mix patterns or such to suit your desire. These colors!! the fabric is lovely.
    Are you going to needle turn these pieces?

  2. Love the variation in the blocks and how you still manage to bring them together through the repeated shapes and fabrics.

  3. Dear Allison,

    this will be an amazing quilt.- Though I'm not the yellow-type, the colors are so perfect and matching and the mix of stars and appliqué really is something.

    Best Mareike

  4. Oh, my goodness, these are so, so pretty! They give me hope! I can applique if the shapes are simple. My summer sewing plans are to finish up a few WIPs that I brought back from Tx with me, to make one wedding quilt by September, and to try really, really hard not to start too many projects at once! Focus, focus, focus!


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