Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heute kann es regnen (today it can rain)

There is nothing like the need for a birthday present to pull one out of a creative slump. Today I met with a good friend of mine for coffee and cake to celebrate her birthday. She very much likes muted and quiet colors and I knew I had just the fabric to make this sweet little wallet for her.

Once again, I used fabrics from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection. For some reason I have always been drawn to stronger and more vibrant colors, so the subtle tones were somewhat of a switch for me. But I found that I very much enjoyed working with the soft sage and green hues.

Don't you think this will look great with the earrings she already has?

On another note... literally, one of the first birthdays that I celebrated in Germany, I was a little disappointed because people were singing the standard "Happy Birthday" song, which leaves this American with a... "hey wait a minute" feeling! But that has since been remedied and I just wanted to share a few lines from my favorite German Happy Birthday song, which sounds better in German because it rhymes, but I love the message... (translated of course.)

Today it can rain, storm, or snow

Because you radiate like the sunshine

Today is your birthday, and that's why we celebrate

All your friends are celebrating with you

How good it is that you were born

Otherwise we would have really missed you

It's nice that we are together

We congratulate you, birthday child!

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