Friday, February 6, 2009

Number Two... WOW!

Now this I just had to write about... I can hardly believe it myself.

So, I log on to Dawanda today to see if any more sales have come in, in addition to the 3 that came in one after the other last night, and wouldn't you know... I made it to "Trends and Bestsellers" a.k.a. "Top 5 in the Community" page as the #2 most popular members in the last 7 days... how cool is that?!?!?


  1. Awesome Allison! That's fantastic!!! Your things are so lovely, I am really not surprised. You will have A LOT of success.

  2. Thanks so much for the super compliments. I guess I create because it is almost as if it is some need deep inside of me. Of course, it is always nice to actually hear that what you do might somehow touch and inspire others. What else could one ask for than to achieve success simply from doing what comes as a result of that need for a creative outlet.


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