Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a Quick Little Break...

Despite being highly occupied with translating my website, I have stopped occasionally here and there to do a few creative things. We have a show coming up in March, and I would like to get as many jewelry pieces ready as I can.

Last October when we were in the States, I picked up a really fabulous mixed media book with some great techniques. Here is my first piece using a technique with Fimo clay and a metallic powder pigment to bring some shine.



    I wish I could come to your show! I love those kind of country-location events in North Germany. They usually have a wonderful ambient, I hope you sell lots of things.

    Have you been to Fischerhude and Warpswede outside of Bremen? If not, and if you have a nice spring day coming up (I promise there will be at LEAST one :) ) take a drive out to one or both of these villages. Warpswede is a bit more touristy in my opinion, but there are lots of handwerker-und-kunstler atelier. I love Fischerhude very much, so precious. Your beautiful things often make me think of the little shops in Fischerhude.

    Northern Germany is beautiful in the spring. :)

  2. I absolutely love going to the markets in the summer. I get so inspired by all the beautiful pieces around me, and cake and teatime is an absolute must with some kind of fresh cream and berries cake... einfach die Zeit geniessen. I must say it is much more relaxing when you are attending rather than working, but it gives me a great chance to practice my German... especially "Sie, Ihnen, etc." But I am excited about this show in March because es gibt dort nur Kunsthandwerk.

    I actually took a day trip with my husbands Omama last year to Worpswede. We went to several of the museums (basically the tourist spots) and enjoyed the works of the areas berühmte Künstler... Modersohn, Hans am Ende(I smile at his name), Vogeler. Unfortunately we did not stop at many of the local artists shops (but I so wanted to) because that would have been just a little too much for our 81 year old, but still as spunky as ever, Omama. My husbands family is from a little village that is not too far from Worpswede... in between Bruchhausen-Vilsen and Verden. (where our show will be.)

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for beautiful spring AND summer weather. My favorite thing in spring is seeing the fields of canola in bloom... that much yellow everywhere makes my heart glad!

  3. love your work, the market sounds good and I always wanted to to Worpswede( sounds like a great place)


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