Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Spoons & Fingers Just Won't Do

So, I am quite curious to know if I am the only one who has fabrics that actually talk.

Strangely, I woke up last night in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep because I was thinking about a project that I wanted to make with the fabrics I just got in from Jane Sassaman. (found here) Before I even set foot in my studio, I knew what fabrics I would use and how my end project would turn out.

Before a huge "hhhuh?!?" escapes your lips, maybe I should explain what this is. I had seen this several years ago and thought it was a really interesting idea... a teething blanket. I attached sweet little ribbons on the edges of my colorful and eye-catching fabric and filled the inside with a quilting bating. Just the kind of soft and bright objects that babies are drawn to, which usually ends up immediately going in their mouth.

The fact that I met with two of my friends yesterday who have babies at the age where they are eating my napkins, my spoons, my fingers, and let's not forget my hair... this "glorious" (and I use the word lightly) slobber shower may have actually been my inspiration. Our new little niece will probably be the lucky recipient of my latest project, which was a little out of the ordinary for me, but still "sew" much fun.


  1. What a lovly idea! I'm a big fan of those slobber showers, too...

  2. This is really a completely different direction from making purses. Much to my surprise, I had so much fun making this, that I think it has probably been the inspiration for a sweet little "baby book" that on my desk right now. I'll share when it's finished.


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