Friday, May 20, 2011

Adding to the Pile

Another short and sweet preview for the weekend... which there won't be too much sewing going on this weekend since I have two parties to go to. Oh, listen to me, I make it sound like it's a bad thing. I guess every once in a while it's nice to take a break from everything that is piling up around you, right?

So a little shot of some of the new accessories that I've been working on. (I have to say that Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection is still one of my all time favorites)

But at least I can say that I managed to work a little bit on a goa
l of mine, but the problem still remains... so many fabrics, so little time. What are you doing for the weekend... meeting with friends, sewing, working in the garden?


  1. ok, so whatever these are...they are SO intriguing! I'm liking the layers, the contrast zig zag stitching and the frayed edges. WHAT have you been up to?! oh why don't we live closer?! =)

  2. I'll leave you with the hint that they are something to wrap around your neck... hmmm?!? What's that you ask... is that fabric from the "Deer Valley" collection by Joel Dewberry? Why, yes, I think I did see one of those in there ; )

    O.K., so like I've said before... Hamburg really is a beautiful city! Hey, at least we are on the same side of the pond, especially when one starts defining what "close" is.

  3. you are cruel! yet, talented, so I suppose I shall forgive you, ha ha!

    too true about Hamburg. have to see what summer does to us this year...

  4. I am headed to Florida for one last trip to the beach and sometime with my family.

  5. Hey Jules, what can I say? but I much prefer the term "ornery" ; )

    Kelleyn, what part of Florida? I did a lot of art shows with my dad there, but I gotta say, a summer trip there sure would be hot... wheh!

  6. Das Wochenende ist zwar schon vorbei, aber ich kann berichten, dass Vorhaben und tatsächliches Stattfinden übereinstimmen! Was? Mit wunderschönen Stöffchen spielen, herausfinden, was daraus werden soll, und kreativ sein!


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