Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For the Boys

So my husband decided to take the little guy to Omama and Opapa's for a couple of days so I could work on getting things reading for our big show. He just could not understand why I was so emotional when it came time to leave... but thinking about it, there has not been one day that I have not seen our little man. Sure, I've had day trips and times that others have looked after him so I could run errands, work on projects, or whatever else needed to be done without a small person tugging at my leg, but this is the first time that I've spent the night away from him... or I guess in this case he has spent the night away from me. Small as it may seem, this is my very first step of many to come, in allowing him to become independent, to walk on his own, and find his own path...

Oh, listen to me, he's only one... I have a while before all that, right?!?


  1. oh my gosh Allison - the suspenders!! they are PRECIOUS!!!

    ok, and to be 'more appropriate', I hear the first few departures are hard. At least you know he's in good hands. =)

  2. I know how you feel. I just sent my 12 year old son off with his 6th grade class to Epcot and Seaworld. It is the first time that I will not be able to speak to him for days. I guess I better get use to it because I know there will be many more trips like this in the future. It feels strange.

  3. That first night is always the hardest. It gets easier, though, especially when they start getting bigger and wilder ;-)

  4. Juliette & Kelleyn,

    Blogger went crazy and deleted this post... they were able to restore it, but not your comments : ( sniff, sniff!

  5. What cute pants and suspenders!


  6. So sehr Du Deine Boys liebst, es ist doch auch hin und wieder schön und wichtig, allein zuhause zu sein. Selbstbestimmte Zeit zu haben. Völlig egal, was Du mit Deiner "freien" Zeit anfängst, ob nun den Haushalt mit dem Wattebausch pflegen, schlafen, kreativ sein, aus dem Fenster sehen, .... einfach mal nur für Dich selbst entscheiden. Genieße es! Und wenn die Boys wieder im Haus sind, ist es umso schöner!
    Das Foto ist supersüß!
    (Das war ein Tipp aus dem Leben einer manchmal entnervten Mutter....)

  7. Susanne, I can assure you that during my "freien" Zeit I will not clean the house with a cotton ball! hee, hee.. what a thought? I think I'll go with option #3 - "kreativ zu sein" - klingt gut. Trotz alle meine Arbeit, war es gut wieder meine Männer zu haben!


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