Monday, May 23, 2011

Flowers, Houses, and Ribbons!

One thing on my list to do before the show is to work on a display for my ribbons... or I guess I should say that it is on my husband's list. As I mentioned before, it's kind of hard to say if I'm a ribbon or a button girl, but let's just say with these new ribbons from Jessica Jones, now I've officially converted to being a ribbon girl... so super sweet.

You can find them here... what projects do you like to make with ribbons? I would love to see... leave me a link in the comments to show me what you've made.


  1. Noch ist nichts konkret, aber die Ideen stapeln sich in meinem Kopf, was daraus werden könnte. Wie gut, daß ich einige Meterchen von den wunderschönen Bändern habe und täglich streicheln darf!

  2. Susanne... daily?!? Hmmm, it sounds like you have it bad. I'm excited to see your ideas come to being... fun, fun, fun!


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