Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Few Introductions

So once again I have quite a few long overdue introductions for some really fantastic fabric collections. I've been a fan of Jane Sassaman for quite some time... not only are her fabric designs innovative and unique, but her quilting patterns shed a completely different light on quilting all together. What she can do with these fabrics is amazing!

I've wanted to add some fabrics with touches of black for quite some time now. Not being the biggest fan of black, but opting for color instead, I knew I had to jump when I saw the "Garden Divas" collection.

Alexander Henry is known in the industry for creating unusual, "cutting- edge,
conversational print designs." Their "June Bug" collection is playful and fun and as AH puts it, "The birds and the bees are in full effect here with dramatic black accents of leaves, butterflies and dots." Super sweet, yet elegant and classic.

Also from Alexander Henry, the "In the Kitchen" collection is described as "the era when the kitchen had curtains, mom wore homemade aprons, and everything was made from scratch and filled with love." Bright, cheerful, and interesting designs make this a super collection.

... and now for the newest collection from MoMo, "Just Wing It". Butterflies, trees, and flowers all in one. MoMo's distinct, personal, style is clearly reflected, identifying this collection as her own. Super summer time fabric, playful accents for the home, or sweet dresses for an equally sweet little girl.

To view these and other collections... click here.


  1. Wow....was für tolle Stoffe und Farbkombinationen!

  2. I am LOVING that Alexander Henry line!! So summery and cheery! Are you going to show us some of your projects with these lovely lines?? Would love to see!

  3. All in time, my dear, all in time. I have been able to work with the Jane Sassaman fabrics... and I love them! As for the ohter collections, for right now they are just ideas in my head, but I hope to get into them soon.

  4. Grundverschieden, aber alle ganz wunderbar! Auch hier: Ideen sammeln und dann ran an die Maschine. Besonders Jane Sassaman ist toll! Wunschvorstellung: von allen Stoffen ein Stückchen in meinen Vorrat!

  5. Susanne, hmmm, we might be able to work on something to add to your pile.


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