Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Aren't Sundays great?!? I can't really say that today provided anything that was particularly spectacular or anything that will get filed away in my highly cherished memories section, but it was everything that a Sunday should be. We started out our morning slow with what has seemed to become our Sunday morning tradition...fresh croissants, eggs, and BACON! It truly is the highlight meal of the week. We piddled around a little bit here and there and then decided to go for a walk.

Where we live is great. If we turn to the right and drive for two minutes, we are at the mall. Close to bakeries, butcher shops, and home improvement markets. If we turn to the left and walk about two minutes we are in the middle of the county. Norderstedt, the city we live in, has been named the horse capital of Hamburg. All the city folks that crave "country living", but don't want to give up city life, have their beloved horses kept here. Our favorite walking path is highly trafficked by horse and bike riders, Sunday afternoon strollers, and the occasional dog.

The air was so crisp and clear today...very refreshing. The first opening we came to boasted a field with several horses, apparently also our enjoying the fresh air. I imagine if they could talk would also say that nothing beats a fresh, crisp Sunday morning grass. Nevertheless, our pinned up friends seemed just as interested in us as we were in them. One horse seemed to have moved in a little closer as if he knew we were taking pictures of them and he didn't want to be left out.

Our journey wandered on with old wagons abandoned in fields, many passerby-ers, and a short chat with a gentleman that had been one of the first to settle in what was then, just some nice fields. He seemed eager to talk and so we let him.

My favorite part of any walk that I take in Germany, is taking notice of all the wonderful buildings. For me, houses that have been around for a while almost seem to whisper their secrets, things they have taken notice of over the years. This particular house boasts several architectural elements that I love about German construction....things like the wooden horse header, a thatched roof, and the notorious "fachwerk" brickwork (thick wooden beam construction, with bricks in between.) Nestled deep in the woods only adds to its natural charm.

While winter is just setting in, Christmas is looming in the background, and sweaters, jackets, and scarves are now strewn everywhere, it was nice to capture the last effort of summer to produce her fruit. Tempting red berries were waiting to nourish before their efforts to sustain fell again to the earth. There is something about seasons coming and seasons going. So it is with life. Just a simple walk in the woods can inspire so much and make one reflect upon life. Just like these delectable little berries, I want my efforts to have been worthwhile, without them falling back to the earth having never nourished.

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