Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leo, Eddie, Harry, and Lucy

So who says that you have to venture out deep into the forest to experience nature? Why not let nature come to you?

Just a few days after we had gotten back from the States, we noticed that we have a few "new" guests in our back yard. Even though they were never invited, they are more than welcome guests. What a delight and pleasure to discover that a whole family of pheasants have decided to make their "turf" within view from our living room and my work room. For the last two weeks, our guest family have wondered across our back yard looking for food and exploring the grounds.

The thing is...we don't really live in the country. We are not directly in the city, but we are definitely in a built up area with lots of houses around and a rather busy street on the front side of our house. So naturally, much to our surprise, nature has decided to venture out to us.

To encourage our "friends" to return and visit us often
, Christof had asked his Dad for some of the corn from this years harvest. He sprinkled our lawn a few times so far and I love that we are part of the cycle of giving back. It all starts with just a small seed, then the land reaps a harvest, and we give back to the land....consider the birds of the air...they never toil or work, but yet they are taken care of.

It has been great to be in the middle of breakfast or working and be able to look out and see them. I suppose since yesterday was Saturday Leo, Eddie, Harry, and Lucy decided to sleep in. (that's what we named them...short for Leonard, Edward, Harrison, and, well...Lucy) I looked for them all day and went to bed sad that they never came. But they are back today, and hopefully the next day, and maybe the day after that. I will enjoy this season while they are here, and when the trees are green again in spring, summer takes us here and there while the sun is warm, it will give me something to look forward to when the leaves fall again.

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