Friday, November 7, 2008

Superwoman Power Potion

Have you ever seen fabric so beautiful that the only words you can use to describe them are words that normally pertain to food? ...Words like delicious, scrumptious, and tasty. Colors and patterns that leave you drooling and gives your fingers an "itch" that just won't leave until you get your scissors out and your hands on them.

I am absolutely in awe at some of the fabric designers out there right now. When I read on their blogs that they are moms, introducing new paper and stationary lines, writing their own books, and such, it kind of leaves me asking... how do they do it all? I do have to admit that I often have my hands in many different pots, but I don't have kids or deadlines for manufacturers that I have to meet. All I have to say is... hats off to you ladies that leave Wonderwoman in the dust all while making it look so effortless.

So when we were in the States i
n October, I ordered a whole bunch of fabric from the fabulous Anna Maria Horner. I have been a fan of Anna's since the Chocolate Lollipop line. (which I have a purse made from this fabric line on my website entrance page) One cannot imagine the torture to have such delectable fabrics in one's hand with no cutting mat, sewing machine, or threads in sight. To wait three weeks to come home and create was almost unbearable. But now that we are home and I've torn into my new fabrics like mad woman, I ended up with this stack. My stack of projects. I normally cut several patterns and work on them at once. This stack is growing and my deadline is drawing closer. Two Christmas markets this year and only two weeks to! I have so many designs and ideas floating in my head, I need a little bit of the Superwoman power potion that these women must take daily just to get it all done.

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