Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Let's See What the Hype is All About

I can't really say that I know why, but I decided to jump on the blogging merri-go-round. That's right, just like I have gotten "lemming" fever or something.

So what have I done all day...that's right, sat at my computer for way longer than I should have trying to think of a name for my blog. My husband and I have gone back and forth, almost each time, topping the others list with the most ridiculous name that could be thought of. I dare say that there are others out there who have come up with more ridiculous names, and even worse, have decided to use them. (don't tell anyone, but I think my husband won tonight's contest)

I finally decided that instead of spending the second half of my evening brainstorming, I would pick campbell soup diary(at least for now). For most of my life that is who I was... a Campbell. The last several years before I got married, every telephone call I made, when asked who was calling, I would say my name and for spelling clarification explain, "Campbell, you know, like the soup". It became my standard phrase and partially my identity.

But all that has changed. I have a new name (that I can't pronounce). I don't make so many phone calls anymore for scheduling a cable hook up, calling about an extra fee on a bill, or inquiring about the starting time for an event, but I do use my new name every time I answer the phone.

This is my diary of my life in a new country, with a new name, and what things move and inspire me.

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