Friday, June 26, 2009

100 Waters and a Bowl of Cherries

On the drive to the countryside farm of my parents-in-law, we made a slight detour through the little town of Uelzen. The purpose of our diversion was, of all things, to stop and see the railway station. In preparation for the 2000 world's fair Expo, the residents and politicians of the city started an initiative whose purpose was to create an environmental and cultural railway station.

Unlike most railway stations that I have been in, the colorful and unusual architecture set the normally ordinary structure apart. Designed by Friendenreich Hundertwasser (literally translates... Hundred Waters) the building boasts of colorful tiles laid in unsymmetrical patterns, solar panels, an inside fountain, and a living roof all in a style that is not the typical architecture that one expects to find in Germany. In addition, museum shops and a restaurant completed the whole "cultural" atmosphere.

I laughed inwardly when I saw the "kiss and ride" circle in front of the station for customers dropping off loved ones at the station, because English is so commonplace here.

Upon reaching our destination, it was clear that an afternoon walk was a "must" ... just to soak in the sun, breath the fresh air, enjoy the quietness, and appreciate the things that refresh the soul because the busyness of everday life diverts one from it. Our stroll led us under the canopy of two large cherry trees that were burdened with branches of beautiful, red, fruits for a tasty afternoon snack. It just doesn't get any better than this...


  1. Hundertwasser also did a lovely plant nursery as well as the owner's houses behind it down in Limburgh. We saw it over Easter and I never posted those pictures....

    Glad you're having fun with your family - so fun to tour around and make discoveries together!

  2. Hi Allison...I used to live in Germany years ago, it was amazing, was there with husband who was in the Royal Air Force, used to love shopping in the german shops :-)

    The kiss and drop off might be happening here in the UK, I read about it somewhere...very funny :-)

    Love your photos...oh i just don't know what part of europe to visit !!


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