Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, So Random

You may have heard me mention Jane (Spain Daily) a time or two here before. She was tagged recently to list seven things about herself and she passed the invitation on to anyone else who wanted to join in. So I thought I would oblige her request and share a few random things about me.

1. I have never liked cola. When I would get a tummy ache or the flu my mom would give me "Sprite", but I would cry and beg her not to make me drink it.

2. When I was younger I would always scrape the toppings off my pizza, eat the crust and dough first, and then the cheese and pepperoni... yeah, I know... weird, probably just as much as separating the marshmallows in my "Lucky Charms", eating one food at a time, or eating the crust of the toast first and then the center (Note: I don't do these things anymore)

3. For some reason, red is the one color that I don't like to put in my garden.

4. I eat an egg almost everyday for breakfast. If I don't eat protein in the mornings I am hungry an hour later.

5. Growing up I dreamed of getting married at my parents home in the summer and then honeymooning in Europe... the facts are that I got married in January, went to the beach for our honeymoon, but ended up living in Europe.
(so I guess it all evens out)

6. I hate to sew with a pattern... it just takes too much time to line everything up, measure it out, when all I really want do is start sewing.

7. My friend Phyllis in Texas asked me why I never told her before that I could take good pictures, to which I answered that I didn't know that I could. ( I really only started taking pictures when I started my blog.


  1. You really do take good pictures and I totally would have assumed you started the blog for that reason, I love to see them!! More please!!!! xx Ali.

  2. Seems to me that what you wished for when growing up became true: an extended European honeymoon! My older boy eats his pizza just the way you used to, and I must admit I'm SO relieved to know that it's a habit that can be overcome (at what age?!)

  3. Thanks for sharing a little more about you. Enjoy! xoxo

  4. great list allison. i hated pizza when i was younger and because i felt left out, i taught myself to like it by eating it with coke... i´m glad you found out you could take a great photo! besos!

  5. Are you blood type 0? Zeros always need protein first thing in the morning! :)


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