Monday, June 15, 2009

Tula Pink "Neptune" Fabrics

Of course just about everyone who sews or works with patchwork fabrics has heard of Amy Butler. And since she has come on the scene, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner are hot on her heels with their own fantastic fabric collections, but one designer, who I think does equally as brilliant work is fabric designer, Tula Pink.

Tula "who" might be going through your mind, but in ca
se you have not heard of her, perhaps I should introduce this talented lady. Neptune, a sea and nautical themed collection, is actually Tula's fourth fabric collection produced by Moda fabrics.

Tula Pink has set herself apart in the fabric scene and has defined her unusual and intriguing fabrics as a "delicate camouflage of hidden creatures and themes", which has become her signature style. What I find fascinating about Tula's work is that one does not immediately recognize the subtle hidden images in her fabric.

... like turtles, seahorses, mussels, and anchors.

... or small life rings with the ship name "S.S. Pink".

... mussels hidden in a bed of seaweed, paisleys, and swirls.

What memories or thoughts do you have about going to the beach or ocean?

Tula's Pink's fabulous ocean themed fabrics can be found here.


  1. Very nice ! I love those fabrics; it's really beautiful. Thanks.

  2. these are gorgeous. i luuuv fabric... really...

  3. love the fabrics, love the subtle imagery!

    i've always loved hanging on a blow up raft or boogie board and bobbing on the waves and then riding one in. repeatedly. love love love that! =)

  4. Thank you for introducing Tula Pink and her fabrics, I didn't know her!

  5. Sooo creative and beautiful.. are you using these to make your bags? or are they purses?
    Are they avail everywhere?

  6. I guess it depends on where you are from if they are called purses or bags... I would consider it to be the same. I am itching sew with this fabric, but from here on out I will be sewing fall and winter purses since "Park & Garden" was my last summer show.

    I guess they are technically available everywhere, but I have made no efforts to market them in the States with the Euro exchange and since shipping costs are so high.

  7. I'm rubbing the screen right now these textiles are so luxe! Thanks for the introduction to her - a new one for me to scope out!

  8. wow! thanks! this is really flattering. i am pretty much speechless which, i assure you, is a rarity.


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