Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Park & Garden" Final Impressions

At Gut Stocksee, there was so much to see, so much to take in... and what would a "Landpartie" be without beautiful grounds as the backdrop for a show called "Park & Garden"? The estate boasts orchards where fresh cherries and raspberries can be picked in summer for a tasty take home treat, and a Summer music fest and winter Christmas markets are held each year.

... an antique red car parked at the end of the Herrenhaus (estate residential house) driveway announcing the residence of the owner.

... an enchanting lake lead to a inner island area where rows of exhibitors continued. Many visitors stopped on the way to catch a glimpse of an unusual black and white duck feeding her chicks.

... the grounds of the estate showcased many individual gardens within the park grounds.

... exhibitors plants and shrubs were beautifully incorporated into the area to enhance the park and allow visitors to envision how they could be arranged.

... outside sitting areas surrounded by a wire and glass art piece added charm and beckoned to make an afternoon pause.

... perhaps you might recoginze this booth. Bold colors, strong patterns, purses in spring and summer colors, with jewelry to match... and let's not forget the fabric. Last year we attended "Park & Garden" as visitors, and this year as exhibitors, but both times left us full of impressions to last the season.


  1. Your booth is just as beautiful as the grounds, lovelier in a way! What a lot of hard work and effort you've put in! It shows! I'm sure you must have sparked a lot of interest and inspired a lot of folks!

  2. oh Allison , your stand looks wonderful..did you sell well??
    guess I would love a pillow from that great fabric, just wonderful

  3. your booth is lovely! and those fabrics! am glad you had nice weather. besos!


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