Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Park & Garden" Stocksee Part II

Of course with a name like "Park & Garden", I think it is pretty obvious that one would expect to find things for your favorite room outside the house... the garden.

... antique stone wells flowing with cooling water. Somehow water works so well in the garden with such a soothing and relaxing sound.

... everything one would need for a picnic in the flower park or by the beach.

... fresh herbs to fill containers or garden spaces that add spice and flavor any favorite summer dish.

... from silver to "Landhausstil" (land house style), topiaries and decorative pots to hold summers bounty of flowers.

... extra color in the garden or to just show someone you love them.

... soft pink roses, and deep purple delphinium to add that soft cottage look to a garden... oh, how inviting.


  1. Oh my gosh....I would be complety broke after visiting this fair.
    My husband would have bought some waterfeature and I would have bought the rest. ;)
    What did you buy?

  2. I came home with a number of herbs and plants, not to mention some really yummy soup mixes and my favorite vinegar which make the most delicious salad dressing. Since I was working the show I did not get a chance to take my time and visit all the booths like I would have liked ... of course it is much more relaxing if you are just visitor rather than an exhibitor.


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