Monday, June 22, 2009

Spargel Essen

There is only one other meal that I would put in the same classification as Thanksgiving, best-meal-of-the year category... and that is Spargel Essen (White Asparagus Meal) How could one live in Germany and not delight in the much anticipated seasonal meal of white asparagus, smoked prosciutto, potatoes, and sauce Hollandaise?

Starting in April and running until the end of June, one can find giant strawberry stands selling white asparagus and fresh strawberries all over Germany, which the two seasons always coincide. If you eat the one, you always know that the other will be served with it... they just go together like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, corn on the cob and butter, Easter and eggs, wine and cheese... you can try to separate them, but they are just not quite as good unless they are together.

I find that since I have been living in Germany, I look forward to this meal like I look forward to the Christmas markets. As with the Christmas markets, we have started our own special tradition to celebrate with friends. This year just happens to be the fourth year that we have shared this meal with the same friends, and as a special treat, my parents were able to partake in the traditional German meal.

After diner, only one word could cross my lips... "mmmm, herrlich!" (delicious, marvelous, magnificent, superb, splendid, glorious, wonderful)


  1. yummm! we have white spargel here too. i love them with homemade mayo. however, our season just ended... we still have strawberries though:)

  2. Darlin' you got 2 days left -- June 24th official ends white asparagus season in Germany! You know how these things are! Spargel essen mit schinken und kartoffeln, yes I remember it well... bacioni

  3. Great pictures, just love the strawberry stand!


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