Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I guess I have a confession to make...

Even though I sell quilting fabrics, and work with them almost daily... I have never personally made a quilt. There it is... it is out in the open for the whole world to know.

My aunt is an absolutely fantastic quilter and would love nothing more than to pass on her passion for the "much patience required" past time. I have long since admired her work, as well as other talented quilters, and am almost blown away and sometime left breathless... especially when I look at some of the incredible art quilts out there because I can at least recognize and appreciate the time that it took to make them. But I have to admit that I am a "let's get it done", "don't bore me with the little details" kind of a girl, which could explain having never picked up the art before.

I know since our announcement of the "pitter-patter" of little feet on the way, you must have expected to see some upcoming baby projects... me too! It is like I have itching fingers to get started, but without the "green light" to get going.. because during the last ultrasound some little one did not want to cooperate with us. (must be a trait from "daddy"... hee, hee) I am finding it quite difficult to sew gender neutral things because if it is boy, I want to go all out with tractors and trucks. Of course, if it is a girl I want to create with pretty and feminine fabrics... what is a girl to do?!?

But I have decided that I would like to prepare something special for baby while I have the time... I envision wrapping the little one in this small quilt for the ride home. Baby's First Blanket... soft and warm, and made with love. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it actually comes to pass.


  1. Congratulations...I cannot sew at all, well I can put buttons on, and that is it.

    Personally I would make a neutral quilt to wrap baby up in..and as he or she gets older then, go with trucks or girly things.

    You can always use it again, if pitter patter comes again! It could be you family quilt! If you include your initials or name and the year you made it.

  2. Neutrals are great, then people have to guess as to what gender your baby is and it's funny to hear them stumble around looking for the right words!! You have exquisite taste young Alli!!!

  3. You are surrounded by such pretty fabrics, you'll pick the prettiest for your baby.

  4. Your little "problem" reminds me about my sister's second child... They prepared everything for second girl... And who came? A little boy :)
    So, I think neutral things are much better :)

  5. It is too bad in Germany they don't have those places where you can go and pay to have a 3 D ultrasound just because you want too. I can imagine being itchy especially with all the beautiful fabrics you have. I could never wait because I have to have the room all done by the time the baby comes home. I am such a nester when I am pregnant.

  6. This is so funny. My friend? The one that had her two in the same hospital you are going to? The same bug hit her at between 4 and 5 months with her first. It coincided with that Bornhold sale I keep going on about, and we ended up picking up a couple of things (she did not know the sex at the time either). Baby blue and yellow and green, with little sweet elephants. The quilt came out stunning! I know yours will too.

    I have to agree with the others. I love the idea of a neutral quilt, one that is made with love and which maybe he/she can hang on to for his or her little ones one day.

    Show us your fabrics when you have chosen for sure!!

    OMG did I just read you can do basically a drive-in ultra sound in the USA? that just somehow blows my mind....


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