Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Decorations

It dawned on me the other afternoon that I did not have any fall decorations out and it was already well into October. So a quick trip to the store and an afternoon snippet session in my garden was all I needed for a simple, affordable, and welcoming front door decoration.

When I was in college I was really into growing and drying flowers and herbs and did several floral wreaths as presents and just as a hobby... the perfect stress relief. I actually had a whole room set up where I would sit in the middle of the floor and literally surround myself with flowers and get to work. It would probably go without saying that the room had such a divine smell... ahhh.

After working on this wreath, I was asking myself... why have I not done this more often? Well, I guess I do have several season coming up to remedy that. What are your favorite fall decorations to create?


  1. Beautiful - and beautiful shots too !

  2. beautiful wreath! interesting front door, too. I've also noticed interesting house doors where my MIL lives, I like it.

    back to the wreath - I'm so impressed with your wreath-making skills. I had the hardest time making our Adventskranz last year! This year I plan to start with a straw form instead of trying to do it from scratch, hopefully that helps!

  3. Very beautiful..I have never heard of "Fall Decorations" it only in America?

  4. Wow...wish I could do that. It looks amazing.
    My favorite fall decoration would be a pinecones wreath. Maybe I buy myself a glue gun and give it a try.

  5. Juliette & Jannette... follow up post tomorrow that may help you out!

    Anne, that may have something to do with slight variations in the English language. I believe that one would say "Autumn" in England, while most Americans might say "Fall". Many times people in the States put out pumpkins, gourds, colorful leaves, acorns, corn stalks, and the such to bring fall inside the home. My mother-in-law always puts out a vase and does decorations with wheat or barley in fall, in celebration of the harvet and fall/autumn season.


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