Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Musings

Yesterday was a perfect fall day for a walk... not too cold and rainy to keep one inside, but just gray enough to put one in a reflective and contemplative mood. I enjoyed soaking in the sites of fall's offerings, which one could easily pass by since the splendor is not as obvious and showy as in summer. Shades of reds, yellows, and oranges are a reminder that it is just a short time before grays and whites will replace it's warm palette...

... my thoughts wander to early last summer. While taking a walk with my mother-in-law, she was filled with excitement as she inhaled long and deep the fresh summer air and exclaimed " doesn't it just smell like summer?" As I repeated her actions and drank in the deep aromatic air, it became so obvious to me... no, actually these were not the smells and the sights that are linked to my memories of the season... they were actually formed many miles from here and look and smell quite differently.

As I completed my stroll yesterday, I pondered the thought that even now, I am learning new smells and sights that will one day evoke that feeling of... ahhhh, doesn't that just remind you of....

Did you know that smell is the sense closest linked to memory?


  1. A wonderful post, great pictures too!! Thank you for sharing your walk with me!

  2. Isn't that so weird about scent?! The smells that stick out to me most are the perfumes and aftershaves associated with different people in my life, the smell of paper of a certain age that remind me of reading my mother's old childhood books, gosh, and a sour basement smell that reminds me of when my family lived in Denmark! ha ha!

    and yes, that moment when your brain says, "you're making a memory, right NOW!" - love those!


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