Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Make A Wreath

After reading Juliette's and Jeannette's comments on my last post, I was really glad that I had decided to do a post on how to make a fall/autumn wreath, or any wreath for that matter. It really is simple and lots of fun and leaves one with that satisfied feeling of... "yeah, look what I did... I made it myself". So to get started, you need:

Foam Wreath Ring (can be purchased at most craft stores, in Germany I got mine at OBI)
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters
Moss, selected Flowers & Herbs

Cover the foam wreath with a section of moss at a time. I used fresh moss here, but Spanish moss also works great as a base. Wrap the floral wire around the foam wreath form securing the moss in place. Add a second layer of moss to the first section and so on until your foam wreath is completely covered. Do not worry if your wire is not green, this is not seen once the wreath is complete.

Select fall flowers. I simply used flowers and herbs from my garden, shrub cuttings, and berries from bushes in my back yard. If you live close to a wooded area, a walk can be a great combination of getting a little fresh air and a fun collecting time. Look for unusual items and even items that might already be dried. In this case I used dried poppy heads and hydrangea that was well past it's bloom. Herbs also add a great smell to a wreath and often dry beautifully. I happened to use basil and oregano flowers in this wreath.

Group flowers together to form a mini "bouquet". You can alternate flowers that are used in each section if so desired. Secure the bouquet together by wrapping the floral wire around the end of the bouquet. After a few turns, attach the bouquet to the moss wreath using the floral wire.

Create a second "bouquet" and layer it, slightly overlapping the first bouquet. Continue the same step layering the flowers so they all lay the same direction until wreath is complete. For the last section I tuck the last bouquet slightly under the first so the wreath has a full look.

Tah Dah! See, I told you it wasn't that hard. Happy Creating!


  1. You´re the best! Thank you for the tutorial. Obi, here I come! ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Jeannette

  2. Thanks! this is awesome! I'll be hitting up Obi later during our fall break...i hope!

    Question: What to do if you have an end of a bouquet exposed? Any favorite tricks to cover them up neatly? (thinking of times when I've wanted to intersperse something but not leave it looking too unfinished)

  3. Juliette, that is the beauty of the layering process... it covers up the end of the bouquet before it. Another alternative would be to purchase "flower picks". They look like a big green toothpicks that you would actually stick into the foam form, but I don't think I saw them when I was at OBI. A pine cone or a large nut like a walnut would be a good "filler". Simply hot glue floral wire to the bottom of the pinecone or nut. I would first form a small "O" with the wire and glue this to the bottom, leaving a long enough wire to stick into the wreath. Sometimes adding just a few sprigs of greenery works nicely. When forming "bouquets" it is important to use greenery in addition, because if not it can use up all your flowers quickly and leave gaps or leave it looking sparse and unfinished, plus a touch of green makes the flowers "pop". Have fun!

  4. Thanks! Ever so helpful! This may also be the push to get me to buy a glue gun. I keep meaning to, but forget and then I'm looking at a project and wishing I had one =)

  5. So beautiful, and you make it sound quite easy! Thank you.


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