Friday, November 13, 2009

All Zipped Up

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that you can't wait to wake up and start working on? I guess I do... sometimes more often than I like. Sure, it's great to have have ideas constantly swirling through your head, but after some time, the not so fun part of loosing sleep can catch up.

After doing several shows and getting to meet with customers first hand, many of them communicated to me how important they find it to have a zipper in their purse, for a feeling of security. I have never sewn zippers in my purses, and only recently started adding them as an inside pocket. (tutorial here) For anyone who has ever sewn before, you know that a zipper can be the undoing of a seamstress... the kind of frustrating thing that can make one loose their religion and say things that would make even sailors blush. But nevertheless, I decided to step out and try to accomplish a satisfying result without committing either of the former offenses... here is the result.

So now I have to decided to put this new purse style into my production line (this sounds great, but in reality it is only one person in the production line... me) to see if customers like the feeling of being all zipped up.

I used Valori Wells fabric for this project, one of this week's sale fabrics... sale only lasts through Saturday.


  1. looks lovely! I checked out your tutorial link, also great. I saw Sew4Home do a zipper tutorial yesterday as well, so with both of these in my mind I'm definitely feeling optimistic about trying zippers on some pillowcases after the holidays.

  2. I think zippers are really useful. Or any kind of sistem, like folding tops or so on, just to avoid that anyone could put his hand inside.
    It looks great.

  3. Your bags look fantastic however they are!! You're so talented....
    I was looking back on my blog and you know what.. you were one of my first commenters.. ahhhh.


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