Monday, November 9, 2009

Quilt Market Sale - Week 2

This week's featured Quilt Market sale fabrics include fabrics from Jane Sassaman, not only a talented fabric designer, but also fantastic quilt designer. She redefines the traditional quilt and reinvents it into breathtaking art quilts using her colorful and strong designs in the most unusual ways. For inspiration, I included a few of my previous projects using Jane Sassaman fabrics, which you may recognize...

... a baby "teething blanket", which is on my list for making again in the future, but I think we have a while before teeth come along, and a fabric covered box (tutorial here)

From the more subdued and muted color way...

... a wallet and matching key chain, and "Thank You" cards that I use to add that extra little something to customer orders.

...and don't forget, jewelry is also on sale this week... did you know, just 7 weeks until Christmas!

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