Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Featured Projects

One of this week's featured Quilt Market SALE FABRIC designers is Anna Maria Horner. Her unique sense of combining colors with strong design leaves it clear why she has become a top selling designer in her field. Her collections mix and match so easily and are a bold statement for any project.

I wanted to share a few projects, or should I say "eye candy", made by the talented Griselda from the blog Machwerk, who uses Anna Maria's fabric so brilliantly and brings so many fun projects to life. I would imagine that they might inspire you for a few projects of your own.

Shown here... a "month" quilt for the month of March, "Julie" handtasche (purse), and cosmetic bag using Garden Party fabrics...

Shown here... a "month" quilt for the month of May, "Julie" handtasche (purse), and cosmetic bag using Good Folks fabrics...

Visit Machwerk's Dawanda shop for other delicious handmade items... and don't forget that Anna Maria and Tina Givens fabrics will only be on sale through Saturday November 7th, 2009.


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