Friday, November 27, 2009

A Day Late, and A Dollar Short

I started a post yesterday wanting to express something life realizing or communicate the importance of being thankful in the tradition of Thanksgiving, and what the holiday means to an American, but as you may have noticed, I fell quite short. In my rambling I realized that perhaps writing about being thankful when I am already so emotional from pregnancy hormones, missing my family and the simple things of the life that I once knew, not to mention the soup catastrophe that had brought me to tears earlier (brings the phrase to mind, "don't cry over spilled milk"), that maybe I should just leave the post in the drafts section. Sometimes there is a bittersweet thankfulness that one finds in the middle of embracing something new and totally foreign, while letting go of that part of you that makes you who you are... something that has been a struggle for me recently. Talk about a redefinition of self!

Diana put it so beautifully in her Thanksgiving post yesterday and I can identify with where she was, where she is, and the emotions that she is feeling. In my head I know that I have been blessed beyond anything that I can ever imagine, now it is working on those missing places so it can sink and settle deeper in my heart.


  1. Dearest Allison, there is nothing I wish more than peace of mind for you. I know how you are feeling, and would so love to pull up to your house, throw a coat over your shoulders and take you to some cozy cafe where we could drink tea, eat cake and laugh - and laugh even louder when the looks from the other guests tell us to stop :) This life is such a continuous, endless adjustment. There is so much good to it. There is so much tough about it. It is really a life for very few -- the few that can can make being out of their comfort zone a lifestyle.

    Ich habe dich lieb, unbekannteweise!!! HA!!!

  2. hey allison- i´m sure you´ll figure it out- sending you a big hug.


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