Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quilt Market Sale - Week 3

It dawned on me as I was getting ready to announce this week's sale fabrics, that I have not officially done a proper introduction of one of the collections that is on sale this week. You may remember me metioning designer Tula Pink a while back with her fabulous Neptune collection.

With her current collection, Hushabye, the designer presents another equally delicious eye candy. I read in an interview a while back that the designer found it difficult to find fabrics to make things for all of her friends that were having babies, feeling like the whole teddy bear theme was not what was inspiring her for such sweet, tiny projects. So she created her own collection that did. How fabulous is that?!?... when you can't find fabric you like, just make your own.

Found in three fabulous color collections... boy, girl, or still waiting to see, Hushabye mixes and matches so beautifully.

What I really like about the Hushabye collection is while it is designed with baby projects in mind, it is still elegant enough for a variety of projects. In her usual signature style, one can find animals and creatures hidden so well in the design that one really has to look close to see it. Any ideas on "whoooo" decided to hide themselves in the second picture?... brilliant!

Tula Pink's Hushabye and Neptune collections are featured in this week's Quilt Market sale... plus one other surprise designer.


  1. Beautiful
    I have to start with my mum with the sewing machine...must! For spring...promise.
    Love to use them all...

  2. I love clever design - the Tula Pink hidden animal feature is just that!

    So have you been crafting for your little one??

  3. Ibb, yes, yes... sewing machine is a must. It is more fun than you could imagine.

    Juliette, do you think you can make it until Friday?... there should be a little reveal then.

  4. wait I will! I've only had time to work on Christmas presents myself, so I'm limited to what I can show on my blog at this point in time. I'll be looking forward to see what loveliness you've created!

  5. Allison, I just saw your comment on Kay's blog, and came to congratulate, I didn't know you were expecting. Sounds like the due date is soon, what happy news!

  6. wait you´re expecting!?! That´s wonderful! congratulations allison! hugs-jane

  7. We still have a little while before "baby cookie" is here (that is what we have named the little ball)... March 12th to be exact, well, assuming it is an on time baby. You can read about it here...

    Thanks for the congratulations!


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