Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Featured Projects

There are some fabrics that as soon as I see them, I have a vision in my head of exactly what I would like to do with them... how to combine the colors or prints with other fabrics, even sometimes what trims I would like to use. It is as if I see the finished project in my mind's eye even before I make the first cut. Which is why I find it completely inspiring to see how other people take the same exact fabric and use it in a completely different way. I love it when I get feedback from customers, especially when they share projects that they have worked on using fabrics that I sell. I decided to feature projects that use this week's sale fabric from fabric and quilt designer, Valori Wells.

Anja incorporates quotes from famous authors and poets into her sewing projects and creates colorful pillows perfect for curling up on the sofa and reading your favorite book. There is even a pocket for storing your book until the next opportunity to be caught away again...

... "Begin at the beginning and go till you come to the end, then stop."

Here, Anja uses a quote from Alice in Wonderland... how fun and whimsical!

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that really inspires or speaks to you? For more information or custom orders on her "saying" pillows, you can contact Anja here.


  1. Huh? That is really weird. When i click on the link, I get a German blog about cooking for children. Nothing about any pillows. The German blogger's first name is Anja as well. Can you please check, if that's what you wanted?
    Very nice blog (yours), I love the fabrics!

  2. Ruth, The reason the link lead you to a German cooking website is because Anja is in Germany and is involved in multiple businesses, but does not have a blog that I could link to and I was not able to link to her e-mail address. She is fluent in English (and German, of course) if you would like to e-mail her at

  3. Hi Allison! Thank you for your comment! I grew up in the Hunsrueck, in Rheinboellen, which is a village (now town) about 13 km from Bacharach on the Rhine River. This swapping countries is kind of fun, isn't it? My brother, who lives in the South of Germany, married a girl from Louisiana, they now work in Switzerland, live in Germany. Go figure. I am glad to hear from you!
    I guess the best quilt fabrics are from here, I see in the blogs by Germans that a lot of them get them from here. I'll keep stopping by!
    Happy Thanksgiving! two more weeks...

  4. Sweet idea and nice confection !!!! Really !

  5. No boundaries for creativity. Unusual idea and would be easily applied. Thanks for bringing forward and happy autumn wishes~

  6. Wow love Anja's cushions, and such a fabulous idea with quotes incorporated ...and the book idea is brilliant too. Great for your bed!!


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