Friday, November 20, 2009


There must have been several of you that had your fingers crossed since this post. In case you may have missed it, or have just started popping in, we are expecting our first child in March. Wanting to sew many things for the baby's room, I feel like it is kind of important to know what we are having. But since we don't know that, for me it makes no sense to decorate the baby's room in yellow or green, only to trade it in a year or so later for blues and tractors or pinks and flowers... what is the point? That is why we are waiting until the "baby cookie" (our nickname) is here and then add the "personality" to the room. We'll have the crib and the changing table and everything else that one needs for baby's first days, but all the frills and doilies will just have to wait.

BUT... how could I let our little one come into the world with nothing from Mom

This is actually my very first quilt... my aunt Cathy would be proud, I think. She has been quilting for years and has talent beyond belief... I plan to share with you one of these days. But can't you just imagine snuggling up with brand new baby in this? I made the quilt just heavy enough to provide a little warmth, but light enough to be just the right weight for the upcoming spring and summer weather... and neutral so I can, as Alli suggests, find entertainment as people "stumble around" because they don't know if you have a boy or girl.

I decided to use fabrics from Tula Pink's Hushabye collection (just happens to be on sale until Saturday) because I instantly feel in love with the colorways and designs. I don't want to make too many promises about future quilting projects, but this was quite enjoyable, especially considering who I was making it for.


  1. Und wie du es geschafft hast! and the little one will have a wonderful time enjoying this quilt. Such pretty spring colors!
    Have a great weekend, Jeannette

  2. Wonderful result! Colours, fabric choice... beautiful!

  3. Lovely work. Love the colours and the different pattern selection.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Gorgeous and perfect for either boy or girl.

  5. A sweet and beautiful work... Perfect for a baby...

    For my photos, try with your computer and you''l understand how I cheat to do pictures with a phone ;)

  6. Wunderschöne Stoffe! Die sind auf jeden Fall etwas für Jungs und Mädchen.
    Aber wenn ich mir die Frage erlauben darf, ist die Decke gar nicht gequiltet? Du kennst bestimmt die Regel "A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted!" ;0)
    Bitte nicht so ernst nehmen, dem Baby wird es egal sein, Hauptsache kuschelig und von Mama. Also alles Gute für die weitere Schwangerschaft und die Geburt!

    P.S. Ich liebe Deinen Schmuck und werde ständig darauf angesprochen!

  7. Congratulations on the news of your baby!! How exciting the months ahead will be. Your little cookie is going to be one lucky one tucked warm under their beautiful quilt that sure will become a heirloom. Very beautiful. I love the colors.
    Have a golden weekend.xo

  8. it's lovely! Love the color and pattern combinations. Nice work

  9. It's beautiful! I just love it. I really, really, love it.

  10. A wonderful quilt you must be very proud/...I love the colours :-)


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