Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Auditioning (Possible) Bee Blocks

For me it's that time of year again... where I find myself searching, scrambling, debating, back and forthing, all just to find the perfect pattern for my bee blocks... only to be left with that feeling of well, I'm-still-not-sure. I've had it in my head now for a while that I would like to do a yellow quilt (or even green) I love the simplicity of a two color quilt.

One of my biggest back and forth issues is that I want to do a bucket list project... right now on my to-do list are more time intensive or advanced blocks like a double wedding ring, an elaborate applique quilt, or a 100 pieces foundation paper pieced block... and that's not exactly what you throw at fellow bee members.

But I had the idea to do a quilt where I do the applique blocks, and my bee members do the piecing. Usually a more time intensive block utilizes ones bee members a little better, but it just appeals to me to have a simple color palette, with simple applique, combined with simple stars. Here is my original inspiration. So for my first applique block, I modified the leaves a bit on this EQ8 block.

Chuck Nohara blocks are generally a little more labor intensive, and my idea was to keep it simples with leaves and sprigs applique blocks. Even though I've done this block before, I wanted to include it  because it's just a few simple pieces.

Here is another block that I found on EQ8, and I've always been drawn to crossing designs. I love the way this Cori Dantini fabric works with the Basic Grey Grunge yellow... I'll be using these a lot throughout this quilt.

What is an applique quilt without including a perched pair on a vine. Here are actually the birds from my Lovebirds Garden pattern, and I simply reduced them in size to fit on this 8" block.

I'm not sure if my colors are too specific, or if these are colors that my members can find in their stash. Who knows, I just might surprise everyone and go a totally different direction... just to keep everyone one their toes...

... kind of makes things more intereting, doesn't it? 


  1. Allison, you’re so full of ideas! This will be a wonderful quilt. The „inspiration“ quilt was a little too busy for my taste, but with your color and fabric choices the design gets a classic simplicity without being boring. Great way!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan! Even though my heart beats for color, I've always loved two color quilts... I supppose this is as close as it gets for me.

  2. Hallo Allison,
    ich habe gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und werde nun öfter vorbeischauen.
    Auch bei uns werden 2 Sprachen zu Hause gesprochen, weil ich mit einem Amerikaner verheiratet bin. nein, eigentlich sprechen wir (mein Mann und unsere 2 Kinder) meistens Dinglish.
    LG und happy stitching, Doris :o)

  3. How lovely to combine your gorgeous applique with simple star blocks. I think it's a fantastic plan! The color palette is not at all too restrictive. It creates a peaceful, yet fresh/growing feeling. Love it!

  4. The colors are fun and I hope we will all be able to pull fabrics you like for your project. Looking forward to sewing stars... If you do not change your mind again that is :)


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