Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because She Aksed So Nicely...

The lovely and talented Kay, at Kaylovesvintage, shared several pieces from her favorite vintage pastel pottery collection... and what a treasury she has! This avid and knowledgeable ceramics collector is quite curious to learn more about ceramics in other parts of the world. Many of the vintage pieces that I own are firstly not pastel and secondly not from the U.S. So, Kay, as you may have already noticed from the rest of my blog... this is as pastel as I can do.

However, I especially wanted to share this because it is very recognizable in the U.S., very collectible, and made in my home state. Fiestaware was somewhat of a new concept when it was first introduced in 1936, and the bright colored mix-and-match concept was a welcome change to the Victorian inspired china that was produced at the time. Despite World War II, and drastic reductions in production, the West Virgina based company boasted strong sales and became a status symbol for the 1930's & 40's middle class. The colors changed over the years with some of the original colors in red, blue, light green, yellow, ivory, and light turquoise, to offering more pastel colors such as rose, gray, and chartreuse. The yellow glaze is the only color that was produced throughout the rise and fall, and rise again of Fiestaware's popularity.

For your fine-tuned eye, Kay, you may have noticed that this piece is not vintage, and is a reproduction of a vintage piece, but I just could not resist sharing... since you asked.


  1. this is wonderful, thanks Allison
    ( have a look at my blog)

  2. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich weiß gar nicht was du hast, das klappt doch gut mit deinem Deutsch. :-)

    lg. Kirsten


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