Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Project Month" For the Garden

What is it about a man in an apron that makes him almost irresistible?

I think it is hardly fair that I should be the one having all the fun for "Project Month", so I thought I would let you have a little peek at one of my husband's recent projects. Even though fabrics and such are not his medium of choice, it still amazes me at the creative things he can come up with.

Last year when my husband had to work at a tractor and farming show for the weekend he came back with quite a surprise. He had fallen victim to the clever marketing strategies of an electric food processor exhibitor, who created the tastiest concoctions to tempt potential buyers... oh, boys and their toys. But I thoroughly enjoyed the kid-like expressions and excitement on his face when he showed me all the "bell's and whistle's" of his new machine... this thing can do everything except take out the trash! I have to admit that I rolled my eyes and was quite skeptical at first, but I have thoroughly come to enjoy fresh berries ice cream, soups, and breads that his "toy" can make.

So of course my curiosity was peeked when my husband offered to wash all the veggies that we had brought home from the market one day... sure, it's one less thing for me. Typical evening... e-mailing, blog hopping, drooling over fabrics and then I hear a noise coming from the kitchen. Since the noise continued, it again peeked my curiosity enough to explore. "What exactly are you doing?!?", I asked quite puzzled... What my brilliant husband was doing was using our "do-it-all" machine to shred up the leftover scraps of the freshly cleaned vegetables we just bought, and blending it with a bio micro organism solution to make a super rich fertilizer for the garden. He then blended it with animal straw bedding to remove the moistness and then it sits in the garage for some time. The really amazing thing is that this is essentially the same principle as sauerkraut or silage that they make for animal feed... totally organic and totally ingenious.

That's just one of the many reasons that I love that man... that and the apron.

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  1. that looks like fun to me, enjoy your weekend ..I will be back next week


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