Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Der Hamburger Michel

We just finished our second spring show held near one of Hamburg's most famous churches, the St. Michaelis, also called Michel. Considered a landmark for sailors on the river Elbe, this beautiful church is dedicated to the archangel Michael.

Directly behind the church is a quaint little alley with shops and galleries operating in century old buildings. The narrow alleyway with it's leaning fachwerk buildings just adds to its charm, which would easily explain the attraction for many tourists. I don't think I will ever get tired of being surrounded by buildings that have their own story to tell.


  1. Love the fotos of the little alley. I've never been to Hamburg, but we're planing on a Germany - tour for our summer hollidays. Definitely have to put Hamburg on our list!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Whe I lived in Hamburg, they used to have a slogan, because they needed money for Michel's renovation, called: "Michel, mein Michel". I loved it so much and still have a sticker of it!
    (I just realized that you can see the sticker in one of my blog's pictures (April 3rd, picture of my desk, on my pin board).
    I found your blog with Stephie's help and I love it! My boss is from the US, too, and I really appreciate having the opportunity of seeing my own country with her (and now your) eyes.
    Best from Aachen,

  3. Juli, I'm sure that if you were to live in the U.S. you would probably have impressions that I might overlook because it is my everyday. I cannot really say that there are such drastic differences when you compare our two countries at first glace. I find even with people that emotions seem to be so similar at the core, but it is when you look just below the surface, some of the minor differences become major. It is those small subtle differences that make me realize... "oh, I'm in a different place."

  4. The Michel really is the defining profile for Hamburg. I used to be down in that area a lot, teaching at Gruener und Jahr or at my language school Linguarama, working out my health club Meridian almost next door, or catching a bite to eat in the Portugeseviertel. Since the Michel is only a few streets from the Elbe and is directly across from the Hafen, it stands for the Hansestadt and is a symbol of the great freedom of the city.

    I owe you a nice long email--- coming soon! :) Frohe Ostern...

  5. ps. oh yes, it is such a different place :)

  6. Dear Allison,

    yes, in some way, there are no differences, but sometimes - especially in the area I am working, that's Gender from a sociological perspectives - there are some differences. Since I am a researcher and my boss is a (woman) professor, I am maybe seeing and hearing more about differences in structures and systems (and not so much in individuals).

    But anyway, I am enjoying!
    Happy Easter!


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