Friday, April 10, 2009

Here a Chick, There a Chick...

It just wouldn't be Easter without Peeps...

If you are not from the United States, you may be asking yourself right now, what in the heck are Peeps? As a child growing up, I can remember every Easter we would color eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, and always get an Easter basket filled with toys and sugary goodies to satisfy even the severest sweet tooth. These colored sugar covered marshmellows, which come in all pastel shades, became an all time favorite of mine because the holiday candy is basically sugar in it's purest form. For many years, Peeps were only sold at Easter time, but now hearts for Valentine's Day, orange pumpkins for Halloween, and green pine trees for Christmas can be found.

A friend of mine travled to the States recently and she asked me before her trip if there was anything she could bring back for me... "PEEPS!", came my immediate reply. They added practically no weight to her suitcase and were delievered in time to make my Easter complete. The great thing is that since my German husband is not too fond of such sugar bombs, I got them all to myself. Thanks Eva!

Happy Easter!


  1. Ohhh, that is the best! I want some Peeps!
    I probably won´t even eat them...just want to look at them.

  2. Ohhh peeps!
    I saw a documentation about them on TV and immediatly fell in love, although I've never tasted them. Too cute!

  3. I had some before easter..but the are long gone...wish the would sell them here

  4. Jeannette, did you check out their website, they have plenty to drool over.

    Stephie, I saw the same documentation, but I was already in love. (it was wild to watch in German) I spoke with my mom yesterday and asked her to stock up on supplies for the next time we visit.

    Kay, I am missing them too. Maybe I should quit importing fabric and start importing peeps instead!


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