Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Bandwagon

I'm really not a "bandwagon jumper"... honest, I'm not. In case you are not familiar with the phrase of someone "jumping on the bandwagon", basically it just means someone who does what everyone else is doing, wearing the latest trends because everyone else is wearing it, compromising individuality to make yourself fit in. In fact, I can remember when Tommy Hilfiger was all the rage and I really liked his jeans, but did not purchase them because I could not figure out how to cut off the monster red, white, and blue flag without damaging the jeans. But I guess now I might have slipped a little... well, really it was my husband's fault. (oh, how I love that man!)

Kaylovesvintage is a fabulous blog that features her fantastic collection of vintage and antique finds, and it was there in one of her blog posts that I fell in love. After admiring (no, I really mean drooling over) these darling elephants, I decided to check out Ebay to see just how expensive these little guys were. I love antiques, vintage finds, and collectibles, but I neither have the knowledge or the wallet to support this passion. I found a few for sale, put them in the "watch this item" section, and forgot about it.

So as it turns out, I am not the only one who is drooling over Ebay finds these days. My husband, who has been searching for a garden shredder and shares the same Ebay account, asked me last week quite puzzled... "did you mark these elephants to watch them?".... "Yeah, I did", my response "oh, and by the way, (half joking) you can buy me one." And that was that.

Wouldn't you know it... a few days later, I too had this precious little friend. So Kay, the only way that I can defend my weak moment of bandwagon jumping is to say that imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.


  1. Guess I am a bandwagon jumper, too. Saw them on Kay's blog, fell in love and bought one on ebay....

  2. It´s not a bad thing to jump on her bandwagon...she has great taste. :)
    And the Colani elephants are cute. I used to have a pair but lost them.

  3. Hey Allison! Great post! Thanks for visiting because now I´ve found you. Will be back often. Hugs-Jane

  4. this is wonderful and that little green one looks so happy in your home

  5. I don't know if he is happier to be in my home, or if I am happier to have him in my home.


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