Monday, April 13, 2009

"Project Month" Sewing... No Thanks!

I wanted to share a project that is for all you fabric lovers out there who hate to sew. This really is a great project because it is quick, easy, and can really add a little "extra" touch. I recently picked up a shadow-box picture frame from IKEA, but thought it looked a little boring. If you live in Gemany, then you have probably been to IKEA. I would say that Ikea is to Germany, as Wal-Mart is to the U.S.... if you live there, you go.

So I simply removed the mat, and cut a square of fabric slightly larger than the mat. The fabric allowance on each side was about 1 inch or 2,5 centimenters. For this project I used fabric from Heather Bailey's Bijoux collection found here.

I cut a square on the inside of the fabric, making an angled notch in each corner towards the mat and additionally cut the four corners at an angle.

I then sprayed the mat lightly on both sides with a spray glue adhesive. I carefully centered the mat on the cut fabric.

I pulled the fabric tight over the edges and smoothed out the fabric. Starting with the inside edges and then with the outside edges.

Lastly (not shown) I cut a second smaller mat and glued to the back for a finished look. And there you have it... no sewing, no all day project, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.


  1. GREAT!! Love the result.

    I just went to Ikea this week in Genoa and picked up 20 count 'em 20 of these frames with the commitment to self to start an etsy shop after the next firing of tiles!!

    You are helping motivate me..... :)

  2. Love this "Sewing - no thanks!" project.
    Guess why!

  3. Hi Allison,
    das sieht ganz reizend aus!
    Danke fürs Zeigen.

  4. NIce! I realy like this. This is a fantastic Idea!I will try this on the weekend, lucky for me that we have an IKEA just around the corner.

  5. Diana, let me know when you open up shop... ich bin total neugierig.

    Peppi, I really hope that you do try it. The nice thing is that it is not an all weekend long project. You can easily cover a few picture frames and still have plenty of time to garden, go walking, and a whole long list of other things. Have fun with it.


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