Monday, April 27, 2009

"Project Month" Table Fun

In our new house the rooms are laid out so that our living room and dining room are combined, and since the two rooms are now combined, I am finding that many of my table linens that I have just do not look as nice as when the two rooms were separate. My favorite painting from my dad connects the two rooms, and I wanted to pick colors that made the two rooms flow, and what better way to do that than with Anna Maria Horner fabrics.

Again, a quick and easy project to spruce up a room. I simply cut strips of coordinating fabric, stitched them together, added some decorative stitching, and used a light weight iron on interfacing on the front side of the place mat and the backside. I then placed right sides together, stitched leaving and opening, turned them, and did a quick finishing stitch to close the opening... and there you have it. A project that is fresh, fun, easy, and full of color.


  1. yay! Just last night I was thinking that if I ever get a sewing machine this year, placemats will be one of my first projects. The table in our new kitchen area will need a little dolling up and I thought placemats would be an attainable newbie goal. It must be a sign. Lovely painting/wall colors/fabric choices!

  2. Love the colors! The last photo is gorgeous. Happy monday!-Jane

  3. I just adore the colours of your living - dining room! It is so warm and inviting. Seems like you arranged everything based upon the beautiful painting of your dad.
    And of course I love your place mats (although you need a needle and a thread to produce them).

  4. Stephie, you're in luck... I have a few projects coming up where you would never even have to pull the sewing basket out.

  5. Wow!! This looks great, you're goooodd. And the painting from your father...amazing piece of art!!

  6. lot's of strong warm
    love your dad's work and some of the fabric in your shop..
    so where is the chair??

  7. Yippie! Can't wait to see those projects.

  8. Ich liebe diese Farben..... wunderschön.....
    LG Kirsen


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