Friday, January 23, 2009

Frosty Season Musings

Having missed the coldest week of the whole year because we were on vacation, I am delighted to see that winter has indulged us with a little bit of snow today. What could be more fun than to bundle up tight and explore this winter wonderland, reminiscing about the once beautiful garden that is now in a state of deep slumber and hibernation.

To my surprise, my eucalyptus has managed to withstand the frosty season not wanting to yield itself to the status of an annual plant. In warmer climates this elegant silvery plant grows into trees large enough to provide food and shelter for the tropical wildlife, but usually cannot endure frigid temperatures to last from one season to the next.

Pretty blossoms concealed themselves in the white, shimmery covering, anticipating their chance to announce to the world that spring will soon be here.

Fragrant rosemary sprigs, seem to be somewhat oblivious to the white blanket that has covered them, determining to stay just a green as though the season had never changed.

And it seems as though snow almost always brings out wildlife, scouring and scavenging for food. Our friends have decided to "weather the storm" with us, much to my delight.

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