Saturday, January 31, 2009

Open Arms

What is it about a favorite chair? Sometimes one would almost think that they can speak, always saying the same thing... "come on over... just for a few minutes". I have one of those chairs.

The interesting thing is that she is red. The reason that this is so interesting is that red has never made it to my favorite color list. It has always been beaten out by greens, purples, pinks, yellows, and oranges, but never deep rich hues of crimson. In fact, red seems to be the color that gets left out of my garden, but I cannot really say why.

Several years ago I discovered my favorite chair at a local thrift store. (oh how I miss my second hand stores) She was of course clothed in a shabby, fade into the background attire similar to that of all the other unwanted furniture. But I knew what she could be and immediately envisioned her draped in a sumptuous velvet that I had picked out years before we met.

What someone else once considered to be old, dirty, and ugly has become the beloved and comfortable focal point of our living room. A beautiful antique chainstich embroidered throw now decorates my vintage find. I like to snuggle in her in the mornings when I sip the last part of my breakfast tea starting the day in a quiet, slow and reflective mood, and my husband often ends his day in her warmth with a glass of red wine to accompany his evening read... she is always beckoning with open arms.

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