Saturday, January 3, 2009

Urluab! (Vacation)

Well, we are flying out tomorrow for a few days of vacation! I told my mom today that it is not so much that I need a vacation so I can relax... I would have to say I am not even stressed out. Relaxing is not even the main goal of our trip, BUT I do really need a little sunshine. Having moved to Germany from North Carolina, where the weather each summer is between 30 - 35 degrees the whole summer (that's 90 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit) ...let's just say that I'm really missing the rays.

Last year's summer here and the summer before did not exactly boast of the warmest and sunniest weather. To be quite frank, I am sometimes a little annoyed with the amount of rain and gray we have here in Northern Germany. But a week of sun should clear that right up.

We are traveling to what I like to call the "German Island's" (that's the Canary Islands, in case you didn't know.) In fact there are so many Germans that live there and travel there each year for vacation, it is easier to find someone who speaks German rather than English, the standard international language. One can always find German products, menus, and even bakeries with the famous German bread somewhere on the island. I know all this because my husband and I spent our honeymoon there and interestingly enough, we will be returning for our two year anniversary...January 4th!

I hope wherever you are the weather is fine for you...I am hoping the same for myself. bis bald (see you soon)

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