Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reminiscing, the Final Draft

As ridiculous as it may sound to many, I would almost have to say that one of the best highlights of our sunshine packed vacation was to eat a big, fat, juicy, almost to large to hold with both hands American burger. It very much reminds me of the song..."you don't know what you got 'til it's gone." There is so much truth to this statement, even if one is just referring to a burger.

I've never really been a highly qualified connoisseur of the almost nutrition less and sometimes tasteless fast food industry, unlike a large population of Americans. But I have been known from time to time to enjoy the occasional chicken nuggets or french fries when my desire not to cook overruled my nutritional ethics.

Despite my desire to eat healthy foods and avoid gut bombs, and obviously since I am an American, I do know what a good burger tastes like. For the last two years I have attempted to sample restaurants in Germany that claim to serve "American cuisine" (can one actually use those two words in the same sentence?) hoping to satisfy that once in a blue moon craving. But to my dismay, I have found myself extremely disappointed at the small, thin, grey, often questionable meat that arrives on my plate trying to disguise itself as something tasty hidden behind a fluffy bun and fresh toppings. So my quest for that mouth watering, tasty American burger in Deutschland has been put to an end. I have decided not to even allow myse
lf to be tempted into the torture of raising my hopes and anticipation only to come crashing down when my appetite just cannot be appeased with anything less than the real thing.

But this past week my Pavlov's dog feeling has finally been satisfied. A mere 30 minute bus ride to the nearest Hard Rock Cafe on the island did the trick. I can remember visiting the HRC when I was in New York City, but it did not leave quite the same impression as it did this time. What better place to give a big hats off to the songwriter for his deep words of wisdom than in the restaurant that served me the best burger this year.

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